Austin Made Climbing Furniture and Balance Toys

Develops Gross Motor Skills

Improves strength, balance and coordination.

Keeps Toddlers Moving

Captivates attention & helps get energy out.

Builds Confidence

Gives toddlers the confidence to succeed.

Your Dollars' Impact

"Play Disarms Fear." Says Dr. Daryn Purvis of the Institute for Child Development. TOTTLR has partnered with Foster Village Austin to make your purchases have an impact. Every purchase now empowers foster children with our sensory and developmental toys so they will thrive in their new homes.

Our mission is inspired by the work of Dr. Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian Pediatrician who invented similar climbers to help orphans during the second world war. We pay homage to her work by donating our climbers to children in foster care, helping them climb the ladder of success.



Tottlr Pikler TriangleTottlr Pikler Triangle
Tottlr Ramp SlideTottlr Ramp Slide
Tottlr Steps - TottlrTottlr Wooden Stepping Stones
toddler Climbing Cubetoddler Cube