Everything You Need to Know about the Pikler Triangle

Jan 09, 21
Everything You Need to Know about the Pikler Triangle

wood prikel traingle

Do you have a toddler that loves to climb on everything? You’re not alone!

Pikler Triangles have enjoyed growing popularity over the last few years due to their incredible benefits for kids. Indeed, this simple yet very powerful learning tool can help your child grow to become autonomous and develop critical skills while also entertaining them! Got you hooked?

Read on as we explain what a Pikler Triangle is before exploring the key benefits of purchasing one.

What is a Pikler Triangle?

A Pikler Triangle is a sturdy structure designed to encourage toddlers to stand up on their own, explore their boundaries, and help them develop their motor skills at their own pace.

Although usually associated with Montessori-type equipment, the name comes from a Hungarian pediatrician who discovered that babies and toddlers could develop their motor skills autonomously without parental guidance. During her research, the doctor observed that the more a child was left to play independently, the more careful they would become as they would learn to know their boundaries. Independence, free movement, and natural development are key concepts in Dr. Pikler’s approach. According to Dr. Pikler, infants and children learn at their own pace. They test, adapt, adjust, and enjoy learning new skills and capabilities on their own.

Therefore, it’s important to provide your kids with the right functional tools so that they can autonomously develop their motor skills while being safe. The concept of the Pikler Triangle was born!

The triangle can be used to entertain your children and help them develop essential motor skills, and parents can start introducing this learning tool as early as six months up until age five.

The triangle can also be set up both indoors and outdoors making it a playtime essential all year round. 

wood prikel traingle

Photo by: Milkweed Photography

The Key Benefits of a Pikler Triangle

Help develop your toddler’s motor skills

As mentioned before, the Pikler Triangle is an excellent tool to encourage your child to stand up, climb, and develop critical motor skills independently. By allowing your little one to face challenges on their own, you’ll also help them build the confidence to tackle and overcome them.

Moreover, not only will they build up physical strength, agility, and self-confidence using this functional tool, but they’ll also develop their curiosity, creativity, and coordination.

They’ll be empowered to explore their environment and develop self-confidence in their abilities and skills in no time!

A study led by the University of North Florida in 2015 has also shown that climbing at an early age can help boost memory and enhance problem solving skills.

Make Your Child Happy

This constructive learning toy will boost your toddler’s happiness by allowing them to explore their environment and gradually build new skills. Indeed, with a Pikler Triangle, they’ll get to experiment, discover, and reach different natural milestones on their own.

What’s more, this versatile toy can also be used to build a fort, have fun with friends, slide between the rungs with dolls, or even as part of an obstacle race. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the different ways your kid can use the Pikler Triangle.

This functional tool will keep your little ones busy and happy for hours while you can enjoy some quality time watching them play and witness their incredible progress.

Toddler-Safe Climbing Toy

Is your child a natural little climber, and you’re always worried they’ll hurt themselves? Then a Pikler Triangle could be a great option!

This learning toy will allow your child to be adventurous and safely test their boundaries.

Indeed, Pikler Triangles have been designed so that your child can easily get out of any position they originally got themselves into. Besides, this incredible toy is a safe alternative to climbing on tall couches, chairs, or any other ornaments you might have in your house. Let’s be honest, every toddler falls every once in a while, so providing them with this clever tool can prove safer as it reduces the risk of fall.

By purchasing a Pikler Triangle for your child, you’ll ensure they have fun learning how to climb in a safe environment and using toddler-safe equipment.

However, make sure you choose a folding version so that you can put the toy away when your little munchkin is done climbing for the day! Regardless of the activity, unsupervised play is always risky and unsafe.