Our Story

Everything we do we believe in conscious and natural parenting. When we noticed our toddlers indoors more and more, we started creating climbing toys. We are a family business, based out of Austin, Texas, and we had a dream to make all-natural, kid friendly, open ended toys that would promote play, imagination and growth.

Our Montessori, Waldorf and Pikler inspired products have been crafted to provide a safe and sturdy structure that your child can play with. We promise that our toys will give your child the perfect balance of learning and play while having the capability to grow with your child.

Tottlr makes everything in small batches to ensure quality in every product. We often end the work day with one word, “Meraki.” Meraki is when you make something with love and put part of yourself into your work. This is a perfect reflection of the work we pour out into each and every product we create every day.