Empower 1 million children with the confidence to succeed. For every 100 climbers sold, we donate a climber and ramp to a foster home in the US. 

Our products were inspired by Emmi Pikler, a Jewish Hungarian Pediatrician who dedicated her life to empowering children in orphanages during WWII and beyond. 


Hi I'm Nick Reed, co-founder of TOTTLR and this is my family. TOTTLR began as a result of our family experiencing lockdown in the US; we wanted our children to know that they could overcome any obstacle they face, as Emmi Pikler did for orphans during WWII.  We were amazed to watch Jessica and Nora's sense of accomplishment and esteem rise each time they completed a climb. That's when TOTTLR was born. To empower toddlers with little ladders of success so they know they can overcome any obstacle their generation will face.


Hi I'm John Reed, co-founder of TOTTLR. This is my awesome family. Emmi Pikler gave her life to empowering children to succeed, so we give away a climber to a foster home every 100 climbers we sell.  

Our goal is to give 1 million children the experience of climbing our little ladders of success.

In everything I do, I believe in helping toddlers reach their full potential. Toddlers need safe and natural alternatives to furniture and screens. This empowers them to let their energy out,  develop their bodies and develop their brains. 

Nothing I know of does that for my toddler indoors like our climbing toys.


We are not just committed to providing families with the best climbing toys in the world, we provide awesome customer service!